BreakAway Transducer Pole


The Breakaway locks-in every 90 degrees in either direction, making it easy to get out of the water and get to your next fishing spot. Pole Length: 36 inches – 48 inches Pole Handle: 15 Inches (fully extended) Pole Arm: 10 Inches x 10 Inches (8 Inches to clear Gunnel) (IF you need Custom Length…

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Two Options:

First Option: The Original.
– The Original pole is only 2 sections. The top section is an adjustable aluminum handle, and the second section is 48 Inches of adjustable aluminum.

Second Option: The All-Terrain.
– The All-Terrain is a three section pole. The top section is an adjustable aluminum handle that can extend and shorten, the mid-section is 36 Inches of aluminum that allows the pole to extend or shorten, the bottom section is made of 36 Inches PVC to give extra flexibility from the other direction.

Both options allow the pole to take some impact and return to its normal state without damaging the Transducer.

*Does NOT come with mounting hardware!*

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